About This Project

As the page should represent products, in designing this page I was inspired by the product design.

My idea was to make luxury and elegant design that will appeal both men and women. Main colors are gold, black and white.

The image combination on the page is to evoke feeling of luxury, tasty high end product that will make you feel classy and show how good taste the consumer has.

Headlines are large but in thin font, same as logo, serving the impression of elegancy and taste.

Buttons, icons, borders are in thin gold lines with smooth hover effects, gently moving or changing shape/color.

Homepage design proposal for electronic cigarette full page

There are two sections showing products:  the first – with images one next to other and the second – with tabs. In the first product section idea is to quickly show all products and to make immediate links to product page.  The second product section is more detailed product characteristics with the possibility to see product in all color variations.

Combining dark full screen sections with white container sections, page has dynamism and clear accents on products and other sections.


with slider explanation & mobile view

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