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Social media management involves the process of creating, planning, analyzing, and interacting with the content posted on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and others.

Save time and focus on your business while I take care of your company’s image on social media.

Are you looking for an effective way to increase your company’s brand awareness, attract new customers, and increase website traffic? You require professional social media management!


In today’s world, it is unthinkable for anyone, whether private or business, not to be present on some social media platform. Because everyone is on social media, it is considered in marketing that social media is the largest base of potential customers and service users.


Just as not everyone is active on every social media platform, businesses also need to be present on social media platforms where they will benefit from that presence. Depending on the business you are in and the goals you have, you will find your target audience on a specific social media platform.


Why you need

professional social media management


It is not enough to just post content on all social media platforms. With professional social media management, the online presentation of your business is aligned with your business goals. Therefore, social media management involves:


Strategic Planning

Every company is unique and requires a specific strategy for appearing on social media, a strategy that will have the desired impact on online media users.


Content Creation

This involves using appropriate formats and messages, as well as visual solutions that will clearly convey messages to users and raise awareness of your brand.


Platform Optimization

Optimizing the platform is done to make your presence more visible and accessible to a wider audience. It involves providing relevant information about your business for a particular social media platform, creating an attractive profile picture, strategically choosing keywords related to your business, etc.


Monitoring Results

Tracking post results and adjusting the posting strategy with the most successful post formats.

Profesionalno vodjenje drustvenih mreza

What social media

do I manage

Vodjenje facebook stranice

Facebook Page Maintenance


Basic package

  • Setting goals and target audience
  • Branding the page: profile picture, banner, page information
  • Linking to the website
  • Creating and posting branded content:
    2 posts, 1 reel, 2 stories per week
Vodjenje Instagram profila

Instagram Profile Maintenance


Basic package

  • Creating a business profile
  • Determining the target group
  • Tag research
  • Branding the profile: profile picture, highlights, bio, links
  • Linking to the website
  • Creating and posting content:
    2 posts, 1 reel, 2 stories per week
Vodjenje youtube kanala

YouTube Channel Maintenance


Branding and SEO for YouTube channel

  • Channel banner and profile picture
  • Page text
  • Linking to the website and social media
  • Creating playlists (up to 3 playlists) and their descriptions

Branded Channel Maintenance

  • Creating branded thumbnails
  • Adding 4 videos and 4 shorts per month (video material provided by the client) to the channel
  • Adding the latest image to the video before uploading
  • Video SEO – title and description with keywords
  • Tag selection

Additional social media

management services


  • Setting up Facebook pixel on the website
  • Facebook and Instagram advertising
  • Monthly profile report
  • Monthly increase in the number of followers


*Additional services are not included in the basic package.


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