let me introduce myself.


I am web & graphic designer.

I have always been inspired by nature and its beauty and creativity has always been a part of my life. How nature combines shapes and colors, the movement of shadows and light, all this excided me and gave me new ideas.

During my high school education I was fascinated by classic Greek art and architecture. I loved its philosophy and ideas of purpose of art. In collage, while studying graphic design, I attended classes for leather and fur design, just to satisfy my interest as a child to design clothes and shoes. I even had exhibitions of handmade and drawn handbags, same as handmade unique corsets inspired by art history.

After I graduated graphic design, I worked for a couple of years in print and design agency. In my free time I started to work as freelance designer. I realized that freelancing suites me more and, in that time, freelancing started to be my full time job.

In 2010. I decided to expand my knowledge with web design. I attended a collage for web design and learned main principals of web design, HTML, CSS, java script.

In my work I am very thorough. I am trying to satisfy needs of client, but, if needed, I will explain why some things should be done differently. I always explore industry, competitors and consumers and apply principles of good design.

In web design I do consider good User experience and interface, and I am helping my clients to create good content for the purpose of Search Engine Optimization. The CMS of my choice is Word Press because of its good security and constant updates. If my clients want to maintain their website by themselves, it is so easy for me to show them how to do that with Word Press.

&UI Principles

Websites that are not well designed tend to perform poorly and have sub-optimal Google Analytics metrics (e.g. high bounce rates, low time on site, low pages per visit and low conversions). So what makes good web design?



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