Your company’s logo should capture attention and become an indispensable expression of your business. Therefore, logo design defines a symbol that will effectively communicate, engage, instill trust, and retain your audience more efficiently than before.

The logo design process requires research, planning thought, care and attention to ensure the final logo design stands out from the competition, targets the correct market and broadcasts the right message.

Before I begin any work on creating a logo, I will take the time to learn and understand the story of your business, its goals, and target audience. Based on that, I will create a logo that represents your brand.


Logo design

that represents the brand


Setting goals is the foundation for effective logo design and creation. It determines the brand identity, identifies key messages the brand conveys, and defines the target audience and its needs. Based on the set goals, I create a concept and consider the use of different styles that will best represent your company, product, or service.


Logo design can take various shapes and forms, from simple text-based logos to monograms or emblems. I will advise you on the best approach based on your industry, goals, and target audience.


I will present you with three options based on agreed-upon goals, supported by visual materials, allowing you to choose the one that you believe will best represent your business to clients.


Logo design



The logo design process involves detailed planning to achieve a comprehensive and authentic result, including:


  • Research and Understanding: Analyzing the brand’s goals, values, and mission. Studying the competition and recognizing market trends.
  • Goal Definition: Setting clear goals for the brand identity. Identifying key messages the brand wants to convey. Determining the target audience and its preferences.
  • Concept Creation: Developing basic ideas and concepts in line with brand goals. Considering different styles, colors, and fonts that reflect the brand’s characteristics.
  • Logo Design and Creation: Developing a logo that fundamentally represents the brand. Testing different variations and adjusting based on feedback. Adapting the logo to principles of simplicity, recognizability, and flexibility.
Profesionalno vodjenje drustvenih mreza

Professional logo design that

represents the brand

Before starting any design work, I will take the time to learn and understand your business, competition, and target audience to create a comprehensive picture of your brand. I will then go through the logo design process based on set goals to ensure that the end result not only looks good but also functions effectively for your business.

Dizajn i izrada logoa

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If needed, I can provide additional design services to expand your brand identity, including business cards, office materials, brochures, packaging, and much more.

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