I am Ana,
web&graphic designer.

&I do coding



A powerful logo design may look simple but there’s nothing simple about creating effective logo shapes.


Print design, a subset of graphic design, is a form of visual communication used to convey information to an audience



There are many things one should consider when creating a web design. Good web design is not just about form – how it looks like, but also how web site performs.

Web design by Ana Balog web&graphic designer

With look and feel web design achieves good user experience, sends the brand vision and ideas but in the same time design should be intuitive for the users.


Word Press websites


Word Press is the most popular platform for a reason. It has regular updates, many useful plugins, and good security.

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&UI Principles

In short, UX (stands for User Experience) is connected to user research, analytics, “user first” approach in creating product or service. On the other hand, UI (stands for User Interface) is more visual, graphical presentation of a product or service.



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    I live and work in Serbia. Design is not just a work for me, it is a passion. I enjoy every step of design process, from sketches to drawings in Adobe Illustrator or making mockups and photo editing in Photoshop; from mockups to live sites in Word Press and fine tuning with CSS. And that doesn’t stop there. I love when my clients want me to continue working with their sites and improving their search presence with SEO tools and Google Console.