If you run a business and need a website to represent you, shows your unique style and message and generate ongoing revenue, custom WordPress websites for small and medium businesses is a choice for you.

Are you tired of complex talks what you need to launch a website? You need it for like yesterday and it seems it can’t be done for months…


Creating a custom WordPress websites from existing theme is affordable and adequate solution for everyone who wants to promote small and medium size business.



What You

will get?


Professionally designed website

WordPress installation

3 pages website

SEO tools ready to use

– Fully responsive website (looks beautiful on desktop, tablet & mobile)

– Your website will be submitted to Google and visible to Search Engines


And it will be launched in two weeks!

Affordable responsive WordPress website for your company

Fill in the form to secure your launch date


Answer the questions I’ll send to you


In 2 weeks show your website to the world!

I will do the internet research for the best user experience for your business and send you 3 WordPress websites template to choose from.  You will get 3 web pages from the template you have chosen: homepage, article page and contact page. You can use these designs for as many pages on your website as you want. And that is not all. I will install WordPress on your server and make your site visible on web. You will have all SEO tools ready to use with links how to use them and the best practices in SEO. Your website will be submitted to Google and be visible for Search Engines.


All this in 2 weeks!

it works


1. Fill in the form to secure your launch date
2. Answer the questions I’ll send to you
3. Choose your template
4. I’ll handle the rest and make your site live in two weeks

your website

in 2 weeks!

Fill in the form to secure your launch date and get further instructions:

    *Proposal doesn’t include domain name, hosting and copy!
    I can give you instructions how to purchase domain name and hosting. If you provide copy 5 days before launch date I will implement it on pages; either way you will get instructions how to add/change texts and images on website. Launch date will not be delayed because of missing copy or/and images. You’ll get placeholders and instructions how you can add/change your texts and images whenever you are ready.